• Rallye DAKAR Training (ERTF)
  • Rallye OPEN TRIPY (Tripy)


Pilot and co-pilot security


  • Certified helmet mandatory.
  • Hans or Hybrid advisable
  • Suit mandatory fireproof.
  • Belt / harness 4 or 6 points firmly attached to the chassis.
  • Bucket seat firmly attached to the chassis (see regulations of the federations)
  • Safety bar approved by the manufacturer (6 anchor points minimum) 
  • 1 GPS Unik 2 & Sentinel or TRIPY according to category (see rental chapter registration)
  • 1 mandatory STELLA tag (see order form in the competitor space)
  • Approved and valid fire extinguishers
  • Sanding plates (recommended)
  • 2 spare wheels
  • Towing strap
  • 1 first aid kit (see HoM regulation 2018)
  • 1 security kit (See HoM 2018 regulations)
  • 1 repair kit (tools and tarpaulin)
  • 1 GSM phone operating in the vehicle and or satellite phone (rented on site)
  • To be in possession of an individual insurance (repatriation, accident … ..).
  • Autonomy minimum 130 km.

RAID category

All standard SSVs are allowed without special preparation requirements.
The Raid is framed by 2 4x4 vehicles of the organization bearing, assistance, water, safety and fuel stiffness SSV / Moto / quad.

Hearts of Morocco

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