The nature of the ground, the density of the population and the presence of infrastructures are to be taken into consideration regarding safety. Our main concern, the safety of the local population, is considered in the same way as that of the competitors of the Hearts of Morocco Rally 2017.

Speed limits on the link roads and the assistance tracks are to be respected. This regulation is an absolute rule for all vehicles – for the participants, the assis- tance and the organization members alike.

Besides respecting the highway code, everyone will be asked to adapt their speed and their vigilance according to the density of the population and the terrain under penalty of heavy sanctions, which could eventually lead to the exclusion of the event.

To minimize these risks, the links will be very short (less than 10 km) and the course will be set deep in the desert with a minimum of villages to cross.

The race HQ will centralize the information. All the competitors are tracked; alerts can also be received via the CPs or directly from the competitors by telephone (the course being located mainly where there is network coverage).

Key safety points

1 x helicopter "HELICONIA" with 1 emergency doctor boarded

3 x 4 × 4 medical equipped (Tango 1 and 2) with 4 emergency doctors on board + 1 emergency nurse

The Tangos are positioned on the track and follow the specials

1 doctor "coordinator" permanently at the PC race.

2 x Ambulances "medicalized" + emergency nurses.

CPs are located in telephone coverage areas.

1 x sports physiotherapist (paratrooper, Red Bull, cycling, car / motorcycle rider)

2 x Sweepers

Hearts of Morocco

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