All cars (prototype, standard) and trucks are allowed, provided that each bridge is engine (4 × 4, 6 × 6, 8 × 8).

All 2 or 4-wheel drive buggies are allowed.

All vehicles likely to use the serviced roads must provide their registration certificate and insurance for use on open road. 




Categories «rally DAKAR Training (ERTF) / Open tripy (Tripy) »

The vehicle must be equipped with the following safety equipment:
– Cockpit safety bar
– Harness belts 4 points minimum
– Bucket seats securely attached to the vehicle chassis
– Extinguishers (1 or more) 3 kgs minimum valid.
– 2 spare wheels
– Sanding plates (recommended)
– Front and rear towing eyelets
– 1 first aid kit (see regulation 2018).
– 1 security kit (survival blanket + rockets)
– 1 GSM or satellite phone (advised to rent for 80 euros).
– Autonomy 350 km.
– 1 GPS Unik 2 & or Tripy according to category (see rental chapter registration and tariff)
– 1 Stella tag (see rental at registration and price).

The crew must be equipped with:
– Approved helmet
– Hans or hybrid (recommended)
– Fireproof combination required.
– Compulsory individual insurance (repatriation, accident etc … see regulation 2018).

RAID category

All standard SUVs, without hoop and / or special equipment are allowed without special preparation requirements.
The Raid is framed by 2 4x4 vehicles of the organization carrying assistance, water, security.

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